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A Learn2Curl event is a great introduction to the sport of curling and the Chicago Curling Club. New sessions will be offered in October 2014 and registrations can be made through the buttons below. Learn2Curl sessions are $75 per person and are offered on select weekends throughout the curling season (October to March.) They generally last about 2 1/2 hours and details are below.

The Olympic year brought more new members than we've ever had! Consequently, fall leagues are full and space may be limited for accepting new members in 2014-15. If you feel like you know you'd like to curl it is not required that you participate in a Learn2Curl to join the club. We offer free lessons to members and would be happy to get you up to speed for when leagues reform for January play. **NEW TEAMS form three times a year: in early-October, mid-December, and mid-February and we play until early April.**

If you have a group (16 people+) that would like a private session please look into a private session.




•A short video introduction to the history and game of curling


•Stretching and warm-ups prior to curling


• On-ice instruction under USCA certified instructor supervision


• A two-end simulated game


• Pizza and with beer, wine or soda (known as "broomstacking")


• An overview of membership opportunities with the Chicago Curling Club




PLEASE NOTE: Fall leagues are full and there are no Learn2Curls open for registration at this time. 
The next Learn2Curl sessions will likely be after January and should be posted in late December. 

*Special note: It is not required that you attend a Learn2Curl to become a member of the CCC.
If you would like to join and then learn through unlimited free instruction, please 
Membership Chair - Karrie Gottschild -





Bring warm clothing thatis loose enough to allow forgood range of motion. Athletic pants or sweatpants are best and layers help. Blue jeans generally are not flexible enough for curling.Some curlers finda hat and glovescomfortable out on the ice.


YouMUSTbring a separate pair of clean shoes to wear on the ice. Sorry, but theseCANNOTbe your street shoes worn to the curling club that day.NO EXCEPTIONS!A separate pair of clean runners/sneakers/gym shoes, or some other soft, flat-soled shoe will work just fine. No high heels or leather soles, please.



• The Learn2Curl fee is $75 per person ($35 weekday daytime session) which includes on-ice instruction, a 2-end game, pizza and a bar drink.

• Only one Learn2Curl reservation per person. Multiple reservations using a single name will be deleted.

• The fee paid will appear as a credit on the new member's first statement if joining within the 2 weeks after their session.

• The fee must be pre-paid through the online registration system (using credit/debit card only) and is non-refundable.  

• Participants must be 21 years of age or older. 

• Each curler must sign a liability release prior to the start of the Learn2Curl session. 
• The CCC only offers Junior Curling leagues (age 8-21) to member families at this time.

• A confirmation email is sent to each successful website registrant's email address.  

• About a week before the session, a reminder with more details will also be sent.  

• Groups for instruction and teams of 4 for play are assigned by the Chicago Curling Club.  

• Registration for multiple Learn2Curls are normally not permitted and are subject to wait list, if space becomes available.




• Free, unlimited private lessons for members are available at the member's convenience throughout the season. There are also a few scheduled "2nd Shot" group lessons that reinforce what is introduced at the Learn2Curl.
• Teams for leagues are formed three times a year: in mid-October, mid-December and late February (shortened league.) There are also single day events and subbing opportunities for those who are not in league play.
• Check out our FAQ page for further information.





NOTE: We reserve the right to cancel or combine Learn2Curl Sessions in order to best match up participant sign-ups with instructor availability. We also reserve the right to decline membership in the event of over-subscription.








If you are interested in a larger group outing or a corporate event, 
learn more about our Club Rental Program.